Workers for Vacation Bible School – 2014

27 Children Registered

Approximately $233 collected for Mission Project for Buckets of Rain




From St. Philip Neri Parish


Carolyn Ballmer                    Director, Opening & skits, filling in as needed

Tina Dunphey                       Leader for Opening & Closing Assemblies, Recreation, Mission Project,                                                                                   decorations

Sage Campbell                      Opening & Closing Skits, helped with crafts, games and decorations

Marion Harriger                   Crew Leader for K-1 Class

John Larkins                          Opening & Closing Skits, Crew leader for 4-5 Grade, Bible Skits

Mary Hulik                             Opening & Closing Skits, Bible Skits

Mary Hagan                           Decorations, Crew Leader 4-5 Grade

Charlene Burgess                 Registration

Ruthie Bolton                        Crew leader assistant – Grade K-1

Cindy Daniel                          Bible Skits

Bob Ballmer                          Bible skits, set-building

Carlotta Meehan                  Crew Leader – 4-5 Grade, Bible Skits

Hardy Rudd                           Bible Skits

Jessica Solem                        Crafts

Jessica’s Friend                     Crafts

Andrea Marx                        Set Decorations, craft designs



From Empire United Methodist Church


Gwen Denny                         Organization, Registration, Bell Ringer

Jan Fulton                              Bible Skits (Director)

Gerrie Sorbie                        Organized Crafts

Kay Wilcox                            Crew Leader for 2-3 Grade Class

Marilyn Johnson                   Organized Snacks

Carolyn Pelky                        Helped with Snacks

Ann Pelham                          Table Decorations

Shirley Solem                        Assisted with 2-3 Grade Class

Hannah Wilcox                     Crafts

Genni Blitzer                         Bell Ringer & Crafts

Barb Foged                            Registration

Rod Meade                           Bible Skits

Mary Jo Meade                    Bible Skits

Bill Lyons                               Bible Skits

Loretta Schock                     Bell Ringer

Laurie Taghon                       Decorations and set building



From Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Chris Neiswonger                 Crew Leader for Pre-School

Cloe Williams                        Crew Leader assistant – Pre-School